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Debt Counselling and counsellors based in Nelspruit, Mbombela, Mpumalanga
Debt Solutions Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Debt review services offered in Nelspruit Debt Counselling services by NCR registered and accredited debt counsellors in Mpumalanga Debt Solutions process of debt review prices of debt counselling services for over-indebted customers in Nelspruit Registered and trustwothy and affordable debt counsellors in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
NCR accredited Debt counsellors for debt review of over-indebted customers in Nelspruit Nelspruit debt Solutions, NCR accredited counsellors

Debt Counselling in Nelspruit at Debt Solutions includes many NCR accredited debt counselling services, such as debt review, debt restructuring, debt regulators, advice, repayment plans, repayment term extension, creditor negotiations and many more services for the over-indebted customers


Debt Solutions' main objective is to develop an affordable repayment plan for the customer, acceptable to the credit providers. We manage the process with the interest of the customer as the primary objective. We reduce your monthly instalments and extend your repayment term.



The principle purposes of debt counselling:


  • To advise and extend professional guidance to over-indebted customers; and

  • To represent and act on behalf of our customer in all negotiations with Creditors ; and

  • To thereafter manage and monitor the resolutions reached, in conjunction with a designated Payment Distribution Agency.


Essential Benefits of Debt Counselling:


  • Debt Solutions will strive towards creating affordable solutions, in the form of planned & budgeted repayment strategy.


  • The repayment strategy will be formulated to enable the Debtor to still maintain essential family cost-of-living and other necessary day-to-day expenses.


  • The strategy adopted will alleviate from our customer the persistent financial pressure, and the consequential mental anxiety and stress that inevitably surrounds every instance of excess debt.


  • The strategy is designed towards a pre-determined goal of becoming debt-free, over a calculated period of time.


  • We consider the interests of our customer to be our primary concern - therefore we aim and work towards becoming a friend & partner of our customer, working in unison, to conquer the crippling consequences of debt burdens, and attaining the desired long-term outcomes as initially formulated.


  • Additionally, as the official representative of our customer, we work towards amicable liaisons with Creditors - therefore protecting our customer from the stress of personally having to deal with Creditors .... who can be extremely unsympathetic when dealing directly with Debtors.


  • Equally, because we are skilled in negotiating with Creditors, we will ensure that creditors are fully informed of our complete strategy of repayment, as we steer towards mutually beneficial and acceptable proposals and agreements ; although never loosing sight of the interests and well-being of our customer !







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debt solutions based in Nelspruit offering professional and affordable debt counselling and debt review and restructuring services, Nelspruit



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