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Process of debt counselling in Nelspruit, Debt Solutions
Debt Solutions in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, Mbombela, White River, Barberton, Komatipoort debt review and restructuring Debt Counselling of over-indebted customers in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga Process of Debt review services offered at Debt Solutions  in Nelspruit Costs of having a debt counsellor in Nelspruit helping with financial difficulties and debt Contact Debt Solutions in nelspruit, South Africa registered debt counsellors
Debt Solutions Process of debt reviewing, Nelspruit Debt review system and process at Debt Solutions Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

Process of Debt Solutions debt reviewing, is a brief explanation of what the process of the debt review is and what documents should be brought with the client in order for the registered debt counsellor to review the over-indebted clients and apply the clients to Debt Solutions' debt counselling




The following documentation will be necessary :


  • Identity documents
  • Recent payslip or proof of income




Step 1.

Schedule an appointment with our Registered Debt Counsellor.

  • Couples married in Community of Property are required to jointly register and both need to sign the application.


Step 2.

An assessment will be made to determine if you are over-indebted, and to assess to what extent. This assessment, and whatever decisions emerge, will be derived from the information furnished to us.


Step 3.

You then complete and sign the document provided for formal application for Debt Counselling, whereupon we will make immediate application for Debt Restructuring on your behalf.

Step 4.

Notification of your application will be submitted to all Credit Providers, the National Credit Regulator as well as Credit Bureaus.

  • All outstanding balances will have to be verified with Creditors.
  • No additional applications for new credit is permissible whilst under Debt Review.


Step 5.

A debt repayment plan will be discussed, thereafter a formal proposal will be sent to Creditors, as well as to a Payment Distribution Agency (***PDA). Your Debt Review Application will also be referred to the Magistrate Court.

  • Our fundamental aim is to strive towards the Creditors agreeing to and accepting the re-structured terms. However, Creditors are not obliged to accept our settlement offer ; in which case our Debt Counsellor will submit the proposal to the Magistrates Court, thereby requesting an Order of the Court to enforce the restructuring.


Step 6.

The Debt Counsellor completes all administrative requirements, in compliance with the agreed re-payment structure.


Step 7.

A Clearance Certificate will be issued once all Debt Obligations are settled ; as per the Granted Court Order. The Debtor's name will be cleared from the Credit Bureau listings.



*** PDA – A monthly payment will be made to a Payment Distribution Agency, who will distribute your payment in accordance to the Debt Restructuring plan. The PDA is appointed by the National Credit Regulator.



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