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Documentation Required

The following documentation will be necessary:

  • Identity documents
  • Recent salary advice or proof of income
  • Proof of residence

Debt Review Process


Step 1

Schedule an appointment with our Registered Debt Counsellor.

Step 2

An assessment will be made to determine if you are over-indebted, and to assess to what extent. This assessment is based on a Free Credit report that will be included in the first consultation.

Step 3

You then complete and sign the document provided for formal application for Debt Counselling, whereupon we will apply for Debt Restructuring.

Step 4

Notification of your application will be submitted to all Credit Providers, the National Credit Regulator as well as Credit Bureaus.
  • Balances will be verified with Creditors
  • No additional applications for new credit is permissible whilst under Debt Review

    Step 5

    A debt repayment plan will be discussed, thereafter a formal proposal will be sent to Creditors, as well as to a Payment Distribution Agency (***PDA). Your Debt Review Application will also be referred to the Magistrate Court.
    Our fundamental aim is to strive towards the Creditors agreeing to and accepting the re-structured terms.

    Step 6

    The Debt Counsellor completes all administrative requirements, in compliance with the agreed re-payment structure.

    Step 7

    A Clearance Certificate will be issued once all Debt Obligations are settled ; as per the Granted Court Order. The Debtor's name will be cleared from the Credit Bureau listings.

    *** PDA – A monthly payment will be made to a Payment Distribution Agency, who will distribute your payment in accordance to the Debt Restructuring plan. The PDA is appointed by the National Credit Regulator.